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MV Hammer Construction founder and Chief Operator, Michael Visone, graduated with honors from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, C.T. with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. Now, if you are wondering how this background qualifies him to complete projects such as kitchen/ bathroom make-overs, custom closet work, and deck construction; it doesn’t. However, it is Mikes’ drive, creativity, and ability to translate vision into reality that provides the real answer to that same question. When he signs on to a task, Mike dedicates himself to the completion of that job. If Mike is not satisfied with the appearance of his work, he refuses to rest until the issue is resolved. After all, a persons’ work is a direct representation of themselves; and Mike is a perfectionist.

MV Hammer Construction is not another empty promise organization. When you choose MV Hammer Construction for a project, you are choosing a company that will provide quality services completed in a timely, well-organized manner, all for a great price. When we say we are going to be somewhere or complete a project by a certain date, we commit ourselves 100% to seeing that promise come true.

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